Just one call for expert septic services

Our pipeline services are available throughout all of New England and include a variety of economical solutions for those in need of utility service. Eastern Pipe Service, headquartered in central New Hampshire, carries over 40 years of pipeline inspection, cleaning and repair experience. We have pioneered many of the sanitary sewer system procedures and product installations that are performed today.


Trenchless sewer drain repair is a major focus of our pipeline services and it is made possible through the Perma-Liner™ Sectional Point Repair System. We utilize this pipeline repair option to prevent digging up the existing pipeline or lining the entire pipeline. Various pipeline video inspections have shown that only 6% of the sewer main needs repair (manhole to manhole). This equals 18 feet of a 300-foot sewer pipeline, a direct number that reflects how our pipe lining strategies are geared to save you time and money.


Our pipeline inspection and repair professionals are available around the clock at your convenience! Call us at (603)-424-4600, (800) 595-7907, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..