All sewer pipes are not created equal, and that goes doubly for video inspection equipment. Eastern Pipe Service is one of the few companies that offer complete video inspections of sewer systems. We are able to do this by equipping our main line rig to shoot off into the lateral lines.

Lateral Line Inspection Benefits

Using cutting-edge camera equipment, we can inspect the lateral line while minimizing service disruptions and costly excavations. Homeowners and municipalities alike benefit from this advanced video technology. We are able to inspect lateral lines from 4" to 6".

Re-Hab & Relining of Lateral Lines

Not only are we able to inspect the main and lateral lines, but we’re also able to re-hab and reline pipes if the situation requires it. Eastern Pipe Service has been performing subsurface maintenance in New England and beyond for over 40 years. Trust our certified technicians to take care of all of your subsurface waste needs. Call us to talk about your next project today.