Sometimes a site calls for precision excavation and heavy machinery just won’t do. If you need to access underground utilities for repairs, you need hydro-excavation. Our teams have worked at sites throughout New England, removing earth in places that a traditional excavator just can’t safely operate. Whether it is because of infrastructure requirements or soil conditions, if you need precision excavation, hydro-excavation is the way to go.

Save Time and Labor Setting Posts

Our system is also ideal for setting posts. Instead of using augers or post-hole diggers, we can quickly and easily bore down into the earth well below the frost line. We have dug post holes for cities and towns replacing telephone poles, and for homeowners setting new fences. Regardless of the application, hydro-excavation is a faster alternative to traditional excavation and post-digging methods.

Experience Matters

For over 40 years, our teams have been safely moving earth to work on subsurface infrastructure throughout New England and beyond. If your project calls for precision excavation give us a call today.