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Before trenchless Pipelining Repairs

In this video observe the joint separation and root intrusion. This pipe is leaking sewage in multiple places along the sewer lateral. This sewer video shows from the cleanout to the city sewer mainline. 

After trenchless Pipelining Repairs

After the host pipe is lined with a Perma-Liner cured-in-place pipe liner the sewer lateral is now fully sealed, structurally stronger than the original pipe and completely operational without ever having to excavate the host sewer line. 



We fix sewers

Without costly excavation

Pioneers of the trenchless rehabilitation method

We have over 40 years of pipeline inspection, cleaning, and repair experience. We have also pioneered many of the sanitary sewer system procedures and product installations that are performed today.


Without Excavation

It’s time to breathe a sigh of relief. Gone are the days of digging and replacing residential sewer lines when they fail. We can replace your sewer line with a brand new one without digging up your old sewer line. Eastern Pipe Service is proud to offer Perma-Liner sewer pipe rehabilitation services to the greater New England area. Let’s fix your sewer line in one day while you sip a cup of coffee.

Eastern Pipe Service can employ trenchless technologies to replace Cast Iron, Clay, Concrete, and Ductile Iron sewer lines with minimal surface disruption. This method is ideal for areas where traditional excavation would be impractical or too costly. Read more about the types of sewer lines covered here.

Yes, pipelining is cheaper than dig & replace and much faster!

We solve drain problems... Guarranteed!


Understand your sewer responsibilities as a homeowner

In the New England area, homeowners bear the responsibility of maintaining their sewer laterals, stretching from their properties to the city’s main tap, across all states including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. While municipalities typically oversee maintenance of main sewer lines, homeowners are generally accountable for their own lateral upkeep. This obligation encompasses regular inspection, cleaning, and repair to prevent blockages, leaks, or structural damage. Neglecting this responsibility could result in costly repairs and environmental hazards. By proactively maintaining sewer laterals, homeowners not only ensure the efficient flow of wastewater but also protect property values and contribute to the health and functionality of their community’s sewage infrastructure throughout New England.

Zero-Dig options enable you to keep your existing infrastructure in-tact while sewer repairs are occuring underground

We repair drain lines from the home's branch laterals, main lateral and out to the city mainline

Sewer Repair In New England

Gone are the days when mending sewer pipes meant upheaval and significant property disruption. Easter Pipe Service is excited to introduce a cutting-edge technique perfect for every residential scenario. We expertly repair sewer laterals and commercial main lines ranging from 2″ to 96″ in diameter using Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) technology. This advanced method involves the insertion of a resin-coated liner into the compromised pipe, which is then cured in place, creating a new, robust, and seamless pipe within the existing one. It’s an efficient and powerful solution for homeowners desiring minimal interruption with outstanding outcomes.”

Got Roots? Go Trenchless!

Our trenchless sewer pipe repair is a major focus of our pipeline services and it is made possible through the Perma-Liner™ Sectional Point Repair System. We utilize this pipeline repair option to prevent digging up the existing pipeline or lining the entire pipeline. That also means no expensive mess or digging up of your driveway, yard, or landscaping. Various pipeline video inspections have shown that only 6% of the sewer main needs repair (manhole to manhole). This equals 18 feet of a 300-foot sewer pipeline, a direct number that reflects how our pipe lining strategies are geared to save you time and money.

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Over 40 years of exceptional service repairing sewer lines in the greater Boston area including Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, and Rhode Island.

    trenchless pipelining

    We repair old sewer pipes without digging them up. Avoid the headaches of costly excavation work.


    Hydro Excavation

    Access underground utilities without damage to the infrastructure. Hire our vactor for your project.


    Sewer Video Inspections

    Access underground utilities without damage to the infrastructure. Hire our vactor for your project.

    We serve the eastern coast of the contenintal United States of America with a focus on New England Sewers

    We do it better than anyone else!

    We never outsource our work to other sub contractors. When you hire Eastern Pipe Service you get Eastern Pipe Service no matter where you are on the east coast. We are have multiple office locations across the eastern United States to service your sewer pipes, perform your vactor work, and maintain your catch basins.

    Just because you don’t have a septic system on your property doesn’t mean that you still don’t have subsurface waste disposal responsibilities. As a homeowner, you are responsible for the portion of the sewer pipe from your home to the property line. If something goes wrong on your side of the boundary line, the city or town you live in will be the first to remind you of your responsibility.

    We have a better solution than ripping up your driveway or lawn. As a certified Perma-Liner installer, we can fix the line from the inside out. Whether it is a small section or an entire relining, we can assess the problem and come up with the most economical solution for you. Sewer system disruptions can be costly and, more importantly, very inconvenient for you and your family. By relining your sewer pipe, you will save time, money, and your sanity.

    Trenchless Pipelining in Connecticut will save you Thousands on Sewer Repair

    Eastern Pipe Service utilizes a variety of high-pressure cleaners, vacuum trucks, and heavy-duty bucket machines for all sewer and drain applications. We also have hydraulic-propelled equipment and flexible scrapers for cleaning easements and remote locations not accessible with truck-mounted equipment.

    When protruding laterals interfere with pipeline cleaning equipment, we assign a specialized cutter to smoothly round off jagged taps and cut roots that have infiltrated the pipe. Once the cutting procedure is completed, the sized pipeline cleaning machine is sent to finish the job. Our pipeline services are available for both residential and commercial properties.

    How to Prevent Common Sewer Pipe Problems
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