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Sewer Lateral Trenchless Pipelining

Eastern Pipe Service specializes in the repair of pipes that connect individual properties to the main sewer line through lateral pipelining. This method is crucial for addressing root intrusion, blockages, and leaks, ensuring minimal disruption to property owners. Suitable for diameters typically ranging from 4 inches to 6 inches, Eastern Pipe Service can also accommodate up to 8 inches for specific residential lateral pipes.

Your home's sewer line can be fixed in one day without excavation

The innovative technique of trenchless sewer repair allows homeowners to address and fix issues with their home’s sewer line in just one day, without the need for traditional excavation. This method, which is significantly less invasive than traditional approaches, utilizes specialized equipment to access the sewer line through existing openings, eliminating the need to dig up yards, driveways, or landscaping. The process involves either relining the existing sewer pipe with a “pipe within a pipe” approach to seal off leaks and create a smooth, durable inner surface, or bursting the old pipe while simultaneously pulling a new pipe into place. Trenchless sewer repair not only minimizes disruption to your property but also speeds up the repair process, making it an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sewer line repair methods.


Sewer Lateral Repair ~ A homeowners responsibility

In the Greater New England area—Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut—homeowners are responsible for the sewer lateral connecting their property to the city’s main sewer line. This includes repairing blockages, leaks, and structural damages from their home to where it connects under the street or sidewalk, at their own cost. Homeowners must also prevent harmful discharges into the sewer system and comply with local regulations, as neglect can lead to environmental and health issues, alongside potential legal liabilities.

For a hassle-free solution to your sewer lateral issues, contact Eastern Pipe Service. Our trenchless repair technology ensures a quick, efficient fix without the mess of traditional digging. Protect your property and the environment—call us today for expert service in the Greater New England area!

Typical residential sewer lateral repair jobsite

Sewer laterals are typically 4" to 6" in diameter

At Eastern Pipe Service, we specialize in providing trenchless Perma-Liner solutions for residential sewer lateral repairs across all of New England, including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Our innovative trenchless technology ensures minimal impact on your property, eliminating the need for extensive excavation that traditional methods require. This means your landscaping, driveways, and patios remain untouched, preserving the aesthetic and value of your home.

Our process is streamlined and efficient, requiring only minimal tools and a small, expertly trained crew to complete the job effectively. This not only reduces the disruption to your daily life but also significantly shortens the project timeline, often completing repairs in just one day. At Eastern Pipe Service, we understand the importance of a quick, non-invasive, and efficient repair process. By choosing us for your sewer lateral repairs, you’re opting for a service that prioritizes the integrity of your property while ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability across New England.

Just because you don’t have a septic system on your property doesn’t mean that you still don’t have subsurface waste disposal responsibilities. As a homeowner, you are responsible for the portion of the sewer pipe from your home to the property line. If something goes wrong on your side of the boundary line, the city or town you live in will be the first to remind you of your responsibility.

We have a better solution than ripping up your driveway or lawn. As a certified Perma-Liner installer, we can fix the line from the inside out. Whether it is a small section or an entire relining, we can assess the problem and come up with the most economical solution for you. Sewer system disruptions can be costly and, more importantly, very inconvenient for you and your family. By relining your sewer pipe, you will save time, money, and your sanity.

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