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Hydroexcavation Services in New England

Hydro-Excavation: Excavate around sensitive utilities with ease

Our Hydroexcavation services across New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode Island leverage high-pressure water and vacuum extraction to provide a non-destructive method for soil removal and utility exposure. This technique, essential for precision excavation around sensitive underground infrastructure, reduces risk and environmental impact compared to conventional excavation methods. Designed for construction, utility maintenance, and infrastructure projects, our Hydroexcavation process ensures safe, accurate, and efficient excavation in all five New England states. Contact us for Hydroexcavation solutions that deliver technical precision and operational safety for your projects.

Professional Operators, High-Capacity Vac Trucks, Seriously The Best!

Experience top-tier sewer jet vac operators at Eastern Pipe Service, leading the industry across the New England region. Our team delivers precision sewer jetting services tailored to the specific needs of Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Equipped with advanced equipment and extensive experience, we specialize in clearing blockages, conducting line inspections, and optimizing drainage performance with efficiency and precision. Trust Eastern Pipe Service for superior sewer jet vac operations.


Targeted Cleaning Within Confined Spaces

Manhole Maintenance Mastery: Precision Hydro-Excavation from Eastern Pipe Service

At Eastern Pipe Service, we offer premier hydroexcavation services tailored for the meticulous cleaning and clearing of debris within manholes. Our state-of-the-art technique delivers a precision unmatched by traditional methods, ensuring the effective removal of buildup and blockages in these critical, confined spaces. Our approach safeguards the integrity of the manhole structure and protects surrounding utilities from damage. Choose Eastern Pipe Service for a targeted, damage-free solution to maintaining your manhole systems at optimal functionality.

Sometimes a site calls for precision excavation and heavy machinery just won’t do. If you need to access underground utilities for repairs, you need hydro-excavation. Our teams have worked at sites throughout New England, removing earth in places that a traditional excavator just can’t safely operate. Whether it is because of infrastructure requirements or soil conditions, if you need precision excavation, hydro-excavation is the way to go.

Our system is also ideal for setting posts. Instead of using augers or post-hole diggers, we can quickly and easily bore down into the earth well below the frost line. We have dug post holes for cities and towns replacing telephone poles, and for homeowners setting new fences. Regardless of the application, hydro-excavation is a faster alternative to traditional excavation and post-digging methods.

In the world of underground operations and utility locating, precision and efficiency are of paramount importance. Traditional excavation methods, such as mechanical digging or hand tools, often prove time-consuming, labor-intensive and carry the risk of damaging existing underground infrastructure. However, with the advent of hydro-excavation, Eastern Pipe Service is transforming the way companies in New England approach these challenging tasks. Operating across New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont, Eastern Pipe Service provides exceptional hydro-excavation services that ensure accurate utility locating, safe excavation, and efficient debris removal. With their state-of-the-art commercial hydro-vac truck, Eastern Pipe Service is setting new standards in the industry.

What is Hydro-Excavation?

Hydro-excavation, also known as hydro-vac excavation or vacuum excavation, is a non-destructive method of digging that utilizes a combination of high-pressure water and a powerful vacuum system. By directing a focused stream of water at the soil, hydro-excavation effectively breaks it up, creating a slurry. Simultaneously, a vacuum system swiftly removes the slurry, leaving a clean and precisely excavated area. This innovative technique is not only safe for the surrounding underground infrastructure, but it also allows for accurate identification and exposure of utilities, making it an invaluable tool for various underground operations.

Locating Utilities with Precision

One of the primary applications of hydro-excavation is utility locating. Before any construction or excavation project begins, it is crucial to determine the precise location of underground utilities, such as gas lines, water pipes, fiber optic cables, and electrical conduits. Accidental damage to these utilities can result in costly repairs, service disruptions, and even pose serious safety hazards. With Eastern Pipe Service’s hydro-excavation expertise, the process of locating utilities becomes highly efficient and safe.

Using their cutting-edge commercial hydro-vac truck, Eastern Pipe Service’s highly trained technicians apply a focused High Pressure water at 3000 PSI of water to carefully break up the soil surrounding the utility. The vacuum system then swiftly removes the soil, exposing the utility without the risk of damage. This non-destructive method allows for accurate identification and precise marking of utility lines, ensuring that subsequent construction or maintenance activities can be performed without any setbacks.

Efficient Underground Operations

Hydro-excavation is not only useful for utility locating but also for a wide range of underground operations. Whether it’s trenching, potholing, slot trenching, or daylighting, Eastern Pipe Service’s hydro-excavation services offer unparalleled efficiency and safety. By utilizing their state-of-the-art hydro-vac truck, the company can quickly and accurately excavate soil, even in challenging terrains and congested urban areas.

Trenching, for example, is a common requirement in various industries, including telecommunications, plumbing, and civil engineering. With hydro-excavation, Eastern Pipe Service can create precise trenches while minimizing the risk of damaging existing underground utilities. This method allows for greater control and accuracy, reducing the chances of costly and time-consuming repair work.

Gas Lines, another critical application of hydro-excavation, involves creating small holes to expose underground utilities. It is often performed when precise utility identification is necessary, such as for repairs, maintenance, or expansion projects. Eastern Pipe Services hydro-vac truck can locate high pressure gas lines of various sizes swiftly and accurately, enabling their clients to work on utilities safely with confidence and efficiency.

Eastern Pipe Service’s Commercial Hydro-Vac Truck: Unmatched Performance

At the heart of Eastern Pipe Service’s hydro-excavation capabilities is their cutting-edge commercial hydro-vac truck. Designed and equipped with the latest technology, this impressive vehicle offers unmatched performance, efficiency, and safety in every project they undertake.

The commercial hydro-vac truck boasts a powerful water pump that delivers a high-pressure Water at 3000 PSI capable of breaking up the most compacted soils. This precision allows Eastern Pipe Service to excavate with accuracy while minimizing any potential damage to utilities or surrounding infrastructure.

The vacuum system integrated into the hydro-vac truck is equally impressive, efficiently and rapidly removing the slurry and debris. With its large capacity, the truck can handle substantial volumes of material, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and faster completion of projects.

Safety is a top priority for Eastern Pipe Service, and their hydro-vac truck reflects this commitment. Equipped with advanced safety features, such as integrated cameras and warning systems, the truck enables operators to work with confidence, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Service Areas: New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont

Eastern Pipe Service proudly serves the vibrant and diverse regions of New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont, with offices located across New England , With their extensive reach, they bring their expertise and state-of-the-art hydro-excavation services to various industries, including construction, telecommunications, utility companies, and public works departments. Whether it’s a small residential project or a large-scale commercial venture, Eastern Pipe Service is well-equipped to handle the unique needs of each client across our service areas.

Eastern Pipe Service has emerged as a leader in hydro-excavation services, revolutionizing underground operations in New England. With their commercial hydro-vac truck and skilled technicians, they bring unmatched precision, efficiency, and safety to utility locating, trenching, potholing, As we continue to set new standards in the industry, Eastern Pipe Service remains dedicated to providing their clients with top-notch hydro-excavation solutions, making New England’s underground infrastructure safer, more reliable, and more efficient than ever before.

Trenchless Pipelining in Connecticut will save you Thousands on Sewer Repair

About the photo: The trenchless pipelining machine you see shown here is our pivoting inverter. This machine is what installs our CIPP pipe liner into your hist sewer pipe. This sewer machine makes a new pipe within your old pipe. The sewer machine is made by Perma-Liner Industries and is a professional-grade piece of sewer rehabilitation equipment.

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