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Sectional Point Repair

Sectional Point Repairs: A Trenchless Solution

One of the key services we offer at Eastern Pipe Service is sectional point repairs using trenchless methods. Trenchless technology revolutionizes the traditional approach to pipeline repairs by minimizing excavation and disruption to the surrounding environment. This method is particularly advantageous for addressing localized damage or deterioration in sewer pipelines without the need for extensive digging.

The Process of Sectional Point Repairs

  1. Initial Inspection: Our process begins with a comprehensive inspection of the sewer pipeline using our advanced camera technology. This allows us to precisely locate the areas requiring repair.

  2. Preparation: Once the damaged sections are identified, our skilled technicians prepare the site for repair. This may involve cleaning and clearing the area to ensure optimal working conditions.

  3. Installation: Using trenchless methods, we employ innovative techniques to insert sectional repair materials directly into the pipeline. These materials, such as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liners or structural repair sleeves, are seamlessly integrated into the existing pipeline to reinforce and restore structural integrity.

  4. Curing and Completion: The repair materials are cured in place, forming a durable and resilient barrier against leaks, cracks, and corrosion. Once the curing process is complete, the pipeline is thoroughly inspected to ensure the effectiveness of the repair.

Benefits of Sectional Point Repairs with Trenchless Methods

  • Minimized Disruption: Trenchless technology minimizes excavation and disturbance to the surrounding area, reducing inconvenience to property owners and minimizing downtime for municipalities.

  • Cost-Effective: By eliminating the need for extensive digging and restoration, sectional point repairs using trenchless methods offer cost savings compared to traditional excavation techniques.

  • Long-Term Durability: The materials used in trenchless repairs are highly durable and resistant to corrosion, providing long-term protection against future damage and extending the lifespan of the pipeline.

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Professional Organizations

Eastern Pipe Service is proud to be affiliated with reputable organizations dedicated to maintaining the safety and sustainability of water and wastewater systems:

  • NASSCO (National Association of Sewer Service Companies)
  • Utility Contractor’s Association of New England, Inc.
  • New England Water Environmental Association

Through our involvement with these organizations, we stay at the forefront of industry developments and best practices, ensuring that we continue to deliver exceptional services to our clients and communities.

Trenchless Pipelining in Connecticut will save you Thousands on Sewer Repair

About the photo: The trenchless pipelining machine you see shown here is our pivoting inverter. This machine is what installs our CIPP pipe liner into your hist sewer pipe. This sewer machine makes a new pipe within your old pipe. The sewer machine is made by Perma-Liner Industries and is a professional-grade piece of sewer rehabilitation equipment.

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