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Culvert & Dam Relining

Our culvert rehabilitation specialists carry extensive experience in the trenchless repair of roadway storm drains and culverts. For over 40 years, Eastern Pipe has provided genuine culvert rehabilitation services for New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Eastern Pipe’s trained professionals work with Cured In Place Pipeliner, which is known as CIPP Lining .. We can  installed for sizes 6-36 inches in diameter for a seamless structural repair. A major plus of PVC pipeline products is their ability to resist high temperatures, traveling chemicals, and high impact. We’ve relied on PVC pipeline materials for years to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We also utilize HDPE slip liners for 24-84 inch culverts to avoid traffic interruptions. Even more, our annular space grouting provides the water-tight seal to fill voids and sinkholes under the roadway for long-lasting performance.

Years Of Farm Pond Repair Experience

At Eastern Pipe Service we have been working on dam outlets and farm ponds for years. We have expert technicians that understand the importance of routine maintenance, testing, and repair. We understand your farm pond is a vital resource. That it provides water for livestock, a habitat for fish and other wildlife, as well as recreation. If your dam outlet is losing water over time, you don’t want to delay the repair.

Farm pond dam maintenance/repair is vital for retaining pond water and improving the quality of life for pond inhabitants. With offices across New England, Eastern Pipe Service can perform routine and emergency maintenance to your farm dam outlets. We take care of ponds and dams in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont

A well-maintained farm pond dam requires durable materials that thrive in the harshest outdoor conditions. Instead of digging up and replacing your dam risers and outlets, we utilize slip liners to save your farm pond dam. Relying on our certified professionals ensures your inspection permits will also be restored.

Trenchless Pipelining in Connecticut will save you Thousands on Sewer Repair

About the photo: The trenchless pipelining machine you see shown here is our pivoting inverter. This machine is what installs our CIPP pipe liner into your hist sewer pipe. This sewer machine makes a new pipe within your old pipe. The sewer machine is made by Perma-Liner Industries and is a professional-grade piece of sewer rehabilitation equipment.

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