Main Line Relining

Main Line Relining

Am Liner PVC Fold Form Pipeliner offers a trenchless sewer repair solution that minimizes community disruption and is usually completed within 1 day (plus time for lateral connection reinstatement). Compared to site excavation strategies, the trenchless application of Am Liner calls for modest equipment requirements and results in limited traffic disruption and minimal disturbance to private properties. The efficiency of Am Liner’s sewer rehabilitation product benefits both the community and on-site contractors to save valuable time, money, and resources.

Below is a step-by-step Am Liner installation method that Eastern Pipe Service utilizes. Our pipe liner installation services are headquartered in New Hampshire, but we serve all of New England. Contact us if you’d like to schedule an Am Liner installation or have any questions about the installation process.

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Am Liner Installation Process

1. The heated Am Liner PVC Fold Form Pipeliner is pulled into a prepared host pipe.

A winch is used to pull the pipeliner off the reel and through the host pipe. The flat pipeliner is “C” shape folded as it enters the host pipe in a reduced cross-sectional area. The Am Liner manufacturing and installation methods reduce the cross-sectional area of the pipeliner by almost half. The reduced size, along with Am Liner PVC Fold Form Pipeliner’s high abrasion resistance and very slick surface, allow it to be pulled into a pipeline through an existing access point, such as a manhole, without trauma to either the pipeliner or the host pipe. The pipeliner is pulled through the host pipe at a speed of up to 40 to 50 feet per minute depending upon field conditions. Because Am Liner PVC Fold Form Pipeliner is pulled along the invert of the host pipe (as opposed to being inverted with 360 degree contact with the host pipe), contact with crushed sections in the crown of the pipe can be avoided, thereby reducing the risk of collapsing an extremely distressed host pipe during pipeliner insertion. [This is one of many reasons why Am Liner PVC Fold Form Pipeliner is the preferred choice for rehabilitation of extremely deteriorated host pipes.]

2. The Am Liner PVC Fold Form Pipeliner is plugged and is again heated with steam.

Once inserted, the upstream end is plugged tightly against the host pipe and connected to a steam hose. The pipeliner is then heated sufficiently to relax the pipeliner from the insertion pull, thereby preventing post-installation longitudinal shrinkage. After the relaxation period, the downstream end is plugged in preparation for expansion of the pipeliner.

3. The Am Liner PVC Fold Form Pipeliner is expanded with steam and air pressure.

With the pipeliner plugged at both ends, the pressure and temperature can be controlled at the “B station” to properly heat and expand the pipeliner tightly against the host pipe in a thermoforming process similar to “blow-molding.” The installation temperature, together with the radial stretching of the pipeliner, are sufficient to reset the PVC Fold Form Pipeliner “memory” to the new size and shape it has assumed, and to allow the material to “relax.” As a result, the installed Am Liner PVC Fold Form Pipeliner will not attempt to return to its original size or shape after it has cooled.

4. The Am Liner PVC Fold Form Pipeliner ends are trimmed.

After the pipeliner has cooled properly, pressure is relieved and the flared ends of the Am Liner PVC Fold Form Pipeliner are trimmed at least 3 inches from the end of the host pipe.

5. Immediately after the pipeliner has been installed, the lateral connections are robotically located and reinstated.

Lateral service connections are located and reopened using remote-controlled devices. The unique Am Liner PVC Fold Form Pipeliner material is more ductile (less brittle) and relieves stresses more readily than typical PVC compounds, thereby avoiding cracking or shattering of the pipeliner when the services are reestablished.

6. The Am Liner PVC Fold Form Pipeliner forms a permanent, tight-fitting new pipe.

Am Liner PVC Fold Form Pipeliner’s tight fit against the irregular shape of the host pipe mechanically locks the liner in place throughout its service life and controls the potential for groundwater migration between the host pipe and the pipeliner.

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Eastern Pipe Service completed the task of fixing our cracked pipes in a timely manner. Their products make installation an ease!

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Kenny and Jake came here to snake and inspect my building’s pipes. Through video inspection, they found a major problem that many people probably would’ve missed. Eastern Pipe Service went above and beyond to help find and repair the problem. They were professional and courteous throughout the entire experience. I would recommend Eastern Pipe to anyone in need of this service!

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