How to Save Your Sewer from Tree Roots

Trees are great! They provide natural shade from the beating sun, a bit of privacy from surrounding buildings, oxygen for the environment (remember photosynthesis?), and of course are essential in landscaping to get that curb appeal. Let’s face it, though, dealing with their roots can be a real pain. Unfortunately for us, tree roots tend […]

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Cleaning Out Catch Basins in Parking Lots

Picture this unpleasant, but very relatable scenario: You’ve just parked your car in a lot, open the door, stick one leg out to step down, and suddenly your foot hits the flooded ground, soaking through your shoes. Not much feels worse than wet socks, and you probably didn’t think to bring a spare pair! How […]

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Digging for a solution? Line your cracked sewer pipes

Regardless of whether you have a septic system on your property or not, it’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of subsurface waste disposal. As a homeowner, you must properly maintain the portion of sewer pipes from your home to the property line. If a pipe cracks within your boundaries, then the city will ask you […]

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Advantages of Video Pipeline Inspection

Gone are the days of guesswork and digging up your whole yard to determine the cause of a pipeline issue. A pipeline video inspection allows for a real-time, non-destructive visual inspection of your sewer lines and other piping to determine the condition of your pipes and uncover potential problems. How it works A small, high-resolution […]

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