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How to Save Your Sewer from Tree Roots

Trees are great! They provide natural shade from the beating sun, a bit of privacy from surrounding buildings, oxygen for the environment (remember photosynthesis?), and of course are essential in landscaping to get that curb appeal. Let’s face it, though, dealing with their roots can be a real pain.

Unfortunately for us, tree roots tend to gravitate towards sewer lines because they’re filled with water, nutrients, and oxygen—pretty much a tree’s favorite sources of survival. And if the roots get too close to the sewer, well, bad things can happen. So, the big question is, how do you prevent this without cutting down every tree around your property?

Roots become a problem when they find a leak, big or small, in your pipes. As they thrive off water through that crack, they will continue to grow into the pipe, causing the leak to expand and the root to eventually block the flow of liquids. Needless to say, a serious sewer blockage can lead to unsanitary conditions and then health problems. You’ll want to call in the professionals here.

Don’t stress just yet because we’ve got good news to deliver: Eastern Pipe Service provides a special lateral pipe lining service that can solve the problem once and for all. Whether it’s a new sewer pipe or one already in place, we can line your pipes from the inside out. This means no ripping up your driveway, lawn, or parking lot. Now that’s some great news.

By using the Perma-Liner method, we can reinforce any cracks or imperfections within the pipes where tree roots could enter or break down. Whether it’s a small section or an entire relining, we’ll assess the problem and come up with the most economical solution for you.

If you’re finally fed up with those tree roots and bad joints backing up your sewer, then put down the tree trimmers, and get in touch with us today! Give us a call at 1-800-649-3877 or fill out our quick online request form.

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