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Line Your Cracked Sewer Pipes

Regardless of whether you have a septic system on your property or not, it’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of subsurface waste disposal. As a homeowner, you must properly maintain the portion of sewer pipes from your home to the property line. If a pipe cracks within your boundaries, then the city will ask you to fix it. Luckily, as a certified Perma-Lateral Pipe Liner installer, Eastern Pipe Service can help. 

Instead of ripping up your driveway or lawn, we have a solution that can fix the line from the inside out, starting with a lateral line video inspection. As one of the few companies that offer this service, we can inspect damaged lines from 4” to 6” to determine the most cost-effective and efficient way to repair your pipe. With this video inspection, we can easily pinpoint the trouble spot, saving you time and money.

If the inspection determines that a pipe needs repair, we can easily reline your pipe in order to successfully patch up any cracks, instead of replacing it. To do this, we rely on Perma-Lateral Cured in Place Pipe (C.I.P.P.), which offers a trenchless sewer repair solution that can be completed within just one day, benefiting you, the community, and on-site contractors. 

Don’t let cracked pipes stink up your property—hire the experts to handle itFor over 40 years, Eastern Pipe Service has been performing subsurface maintenance on sewer systems. Fill out our convenient online request form or give us a call today to get your sewer pipes repaired now.

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