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Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair

If your sewer pipes are broken, cracked, corroded or continually get roots that grow inside, timely repairs are needed to avoid additional issues, such as a sewer back up into your home.

In the past, the common solution for this issue has been traditional excavation and full sewer pipe replacement, which meant digging up your property to find the broken pipes and expensive bills. At Eastern Pipe Service, we offer a trenchless pipe repair, a minimally invasive process that avoids excavation. This method has been around for a while; however, many homeowners are still not aware of this option.

Trenchless sewer drain repair is a major focus of our pipeline services and it is made possible through the Perma-Liner™ Trenchless Lining System. We utilize technology that allows us to fix sewer pipes without digging up your property to remove the existing pipeline.


  • Avoid excavation of your property which results in high landscaping restoration costs
  • Repairs typically take a day or less as no digging needs to be completed
  • Trenchless repairs still meet all industry standards
  • The life expectancy of Perma-Liner trenchless pipe lining products is 50+ years

Why make a mess if you don’t have to? Our trenchless sewer repair team retains the integrity of both the pipeline and the surrounding area of any given pipeline project, saving homeowners and municipal agencies across New England hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair costs. To learn more about this system, CLICK HERE.

Connect with one of our certified pipe lining experts by calling 1-1-800-649-3877 or submitting the form and we’ll have you back up and running in no time.

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