Video Inspection

Video Inspection

Our video pipeline inspection team uses the latest camera technology for all pipeline inspections. Our system is capable of looking at pipes of all diameters and reach up to 1,000 feet at a time. We perform video inspection services for customers across New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

The biggest benefit of using video inspection services is cost. You save not only system downtime, but on labor and materials. There is no need to dig up pipes that are in perfect working order to find one little trouble spot. Our cameras can cover more ground, in less time than with traditional excavation repair practices. With a video pipeline inspection, we can pinpoint the trouble spot saving time and money on the job.

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Pipeline Camera Versatility

Our inspection trucks are also equipped with both a small transporter, for pipes 6 inches and larger, and a bigger transporter for pipes 24 inches and larger. These versatile pipeline camera tractors can be mounted with straight view or pan and tilt capabilities. The cameras are capable of a full-360 degree rotation and zoom feature which saves time and money.

If an obstacle should stop these drain camera tractors, we will still get the job done. Our team is experienced with manhole-to-manhole winch pulling. Our state of the art inspection software produces computerized reports with digital pictures. We also provide an electronic report on a CD or USB drive which allows the end-user to view the pipeline video inspection on any computer.

Lateral Line Video Inspection

All sewer pipes are not created equal, and that goes doubly for video inspection equipment. Eastern Pipe Service is one of the few companies that offer complete video inspections of sewer systems. We are able to do this by equipping our main line rig to shoot off into the lateral lines.

Using cutting-edge camera equipment, we can inspect the lateral line while minimizing service disruptions and costly excavations. Homeowners and municipalities alike benefit from this advanced video technology. We are able to inspect lateral lines from 4″ to 6″.  And not only are we able to inspect the main and lateral lines, but we’re also able to re-hab and reline pipes if the situation requires it.

Sewer & Drain System Evaluation

A thorough sewer system evaluation is pivotal for a system’s efficiency and overall health. We provide recommended options and accurate cost estimates without delay, as well as help isolate inflow and infiltration sources through extensive testing. Our strategies include sewer system evaluation surveys, smoke testing, water tracing dye, and instantaneous weir flow measurements.

Our New England sewer system evaluation professionals deliver clear and comprehensive reports based on a thorough investigation. Our specialized sewer maintenance staff solves immediate problems and offers industry-leading solutions for long term reliability.

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Eastern Pipe Service completed the task of fixing our cracked pipes in a timely manner. Their products make installation an ease!

John S.

I wish to thank you for scheduling an emergency repair service within a 24-hour notification.

J. Brooks

Prompt, professional, and thorough. Thank you Eastern Pipe!

Beth Dube

I just want to thank Hubert and his crew for doing a great job. They all have a great work ethic and do excellent work. Very happy with everything they did.

George W. Blais

Kenny and Jake came here to snake and inspect my building’s pipes. Through video inspection, they found a major problem that many people probably would’ve missed. Eastern Pipe Service went above and beyond to help find and repair the problem. They were professional and courteous throughout the entire experience. I would recommend Eastern Pipe to anyone in need of this service!

Alex Landry